TRIO Sunday

This week we have our stewardship Sunday, otherwise know as TRIO (the responsibility is ours) because we believe that we as a church have a responsibility to provide for the ministry of our church.

Please find here the information to be presented on Sunday 26th November:
2018 Budget planned expenditure: 2018 anticipated income
Parish Share £50,534 Regular Giving £88,332
Premises (running costs) £10,355 Gift Aid reclaimed £20,823
Admin & Finance £9,279 Irregular Gifts £4,500
Sunday worship £4,692 Baptist Hall £1,190
Youth & Children’s work £52,010 Church Bookings £700
Welcome team & home mission £885 Wedding Fees £300
Older people’s ministry £3,219 Holiday Club Fees £1,500
Mission Partners £1,700 Grants £2,200
Contingency £3,000 Other £1,500
Total £135, 674 Total £121,045
As you can see, this leaves us with an anticipated shortfall of £14,629.
The planned expenditure is solely to maintain our current ministry, but we would also like to replace the remaining black chairs, continue Rob’s ministry, improve driveway access and start the refurbishment process. This will require income above the current level. We will be proposing a ‘Gift Day’ next year to enable people to give towards this vision. If you wish to start giving or review your current giving, please get in contact with Cathie Little, our treasurer on or 07974 309958