Thy Kingdom Come 2021

We usually respond to the nationwide call to prayer between Ascension Day and Pentecost with a number of options to engage in prayer and reflection. This year there is so much to pray for and we are also aware that this will preceed our interviews for a vicar so a good time to be getting on our knees to pray.

24/7 prayer - This year we will be encouraging our church family to sign up to cover 7 days in continuous prayer between Sunday 16th - Sunday 23rd May. Those who have participated before have found it moving and powerful to take part in. Praying for an hour may seem overwhelming, but we will provide resources to help - usually you find that the hour has gone before you realise! Whether you sign up for one hour or several, your prayers are valuable. This will be a virtual prayer space, in that there is no actual room to come to - you can pray from home, or out walking, or with a friend in the garden (or multiple other ways).

You can sign up by clicking here.

Prayer Labyrinth
22nd May, 10am-8pm at St. Luke's Church, Garford

Walking a labyrinth is like making a pilgrimage…
It is a journey where you might think about loved ones, distractions or burdens on the way in, be open to the grace and love of God at the centre and return uplifted, blessed and renewed.

St. Luke's will be open throughout the day for people to come and go as they wish. Perhaps those living in Marcham might combine it with a prayer walk between Marcham and Garford (contact the office if you want walking directions). Labyrinths are suitable for people of all ages. An information sheet will be available to guide you through the walk. If someone else is walking the labyrinth you may want to sit quietly in St. Luke's church or churchyard while you wait.
If you would like to have a go but cannot get to St. Luke's then you can print off the Labyrinth guide below and do it at home.

Like another challenge? Here are some...

  • Spend an hour praying the Lord's Prayer.
  • Commit to pray for every house in your street over the 10 days or maybe for one of the village organisations or businesses.
  • Try some extreme prayer and send us your picture!
  • If you have younger children, commit to trying a prayer activity with them each day.
  • Join with other Christians across the country for 15 minutes of prayer at 9pm on 14th May - see here for more info:

The 10 days will finish on Sunday 23rd May with two celebratory services - one at All Saints at 10am and one at St. Lukes at 6pm
Resources can be downloaded below:
If you would find it easier to pray using liturgy, you can find some here: