Before the Covid-19 pandemic we ran morning and evening services on a Sunday, a midweek communion and baptisms, funerals and weddings as needed. Things are now different.

We are running live morning and evening services. They are different to how they were so please read the information in the blue box below so you know what to expect.

Our Midweek communion is happening via Zoom.

We are able to do weddings and funerals in accordance with government guidelines. If you need to talk further please do not hesitate to get in contact. We are not yet restarting baptism services, but are happy to talk to you about a thanksgiving service, or about planning a service in the future.

Attending worship at All Saints’ Marcham during Covid-19 pandemic

What to expect (October 2020)
Welcome back to church! It is a great joy to be able to welcome you back into our church building for services and we ask that you carefully read this information so you can be as prepared as possible before you come.

Before you arrive:
At All Saints’ we will only be able to accommodate a limited number of people for each service (probably 30-50 depending on households), so we are asking people to sign up for morning services to allow us to prepare. You do not need to sign up for the evening services at present.

We ask you to consider your own risk of attending an indoor gathering. Whilst we will be taking measures to keep you safe, we cannot make it risk-free. We would advise you to look at the NHS guidance on whether you are at higher risk and be guided by this advice.

We ask that you DO NOT attend the service if you have
  • A new cough
  • A temperature
  • A loss of sense of taste or smell
Hand sanitiser will be available, but you may also wish to bring your own. Please also wash your hands for a least 20 seconds using soap and water before you come to church.

We will ask you to wear a face covering if you are able to. A face covering will help to protect others against germs but they are not a replacement for good social distancing, hand hygiene or self-isolating if you have symptoms.

We will not be providing church Bibles, so please do bring your own if you wish to follow the readings.

When you arrive:
The church doors will open 15 mins before the service. Please wait on the path approaching the church if there is a queue to enter, ensuring you maintain 2m distancing between households.

When you arrive we will take some basic contact details or you can use the NHS Coid-19 test and trace app with our venue QR code. Any data we take will be kept for three weeks in a secure location in case it is needed by Track and Trace. After three weeks they will be securely disposed of. The privacy notice is on the board at the back of church if you wish to read it.

You will be invited to use hand sanitiser on entry and then the sidespeople will show you to a seat.

The seating will be suitably arranged to allow for social distancing. Please remain in your seat throughout the service.

The church doors will be left open to allow for better ventilation, so do please bring a coat if the weather is cool.
During the service
For moring services the words you need will be displayed on the screen at the front of church. For the evening service thay are printed on a sheet that you can pick up as you enter church. Please leave this in the box at the back of church after the service. The sheets will be isolated for several days and then can be reused.

There will be no congregational singing during service though we may use music for worship and reflection. You can hum, mouth words, raise your hands and clap if you wish.

At the peace we will simply speak the words to one another – there will be no hand shaking or moving around.

Distribution of communion
The minister will consecrate the bread and wine and take both bread and wine themselves. After this, they will sanitise their hands and distribute only wafers to the congregation. The minister will come to each congregant where they are, so please remain in your seat.

If you wish to receive communion, please stand, ensuring your face mask is on, and hold out your hands. The minister will drop the wafer onto your hands and then move away. Once they have done so, you can remove your face covering to eat the wafer. If you wish to receive a blessing, please also stand, but keep your hands by your side and the minister will pray a blessing. If you do not wish to receive either, please remain seated.

At the end of the service.
In order to avoid a bottle-neck at the door we will be inviting households to leave one at a time.

The musicians will play some music and we ask that you remain in your seats until the sides people invite you to leave. You are welcome to stay and listen quietly to the music if you prefer.

As you leave the building please remember to maintain an appropriate physical distance from other households. Everyone has different comfort limits and we want to be respectful of that, so people feel safe coming to church.

If you test positive for covid-19 up to three weeks after the service, please let the church office know.



Parish Administrator, 21/04/2020