Welcome to our church

There is lots going on in the church even during the lockdown. Our building is currently closed, but the church family are alive and active. We are streaming our services to our YouTube channel at 10am each Sunday morning, we are meeting in small groups via Zoom and we are getting to know our neighbours better.

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Get Involved

At All Saints’ we believe in every-member ministry; i.e. that we all have a part to play in the body of Christ, whether it is small or big, visible or invisible.

All who help as volunteers in All Saints’ are contributing to the ministry of our church, using each our gifts to the best of our ability in the service of God and our neighbours.

All we do here is our collective responsibility, so support and guidance will be offered as needed. Please speak to either churchwardens Tamsin or Neil if there are any problems so that we can resolve them together.


There are many ways that you can get involved in the life of our church, but we are keen to meet you and get to know you first so that we can find you a ministry match.  Please do contact us if you wish to learn more.