Women's Ministry in a time of pandemic.

At All Saints’ church we want to encourage and support one another to be women of God, growing in our faith and relationships and reaching out to our friends and families. The global pandemic that we are in the midst of has made it hard to do the things we usually do to encourage one another but we have not stopped caring and supporting.

Whilst we wait for the day when we can all come together again for mutual support and encouragement we urge you to keep in contact with those women around you - your neighbours, your friends, sisters, mothers, daughters and support them. Be Christ's ears, hands and feet to them.


Over the advent period we are planning two activities that can be done virtually:

Christmas Wreath-making activity - we're sorry but we have 'sold out' of door wreath kits now. You are welcome to join our Zoom session and use your own resources to make one with us though.

A wreath base can be made out of straw and garden twine. You will need a good amount of straw. Take a large handful and tie some twine around it and keep wrapping the twine at about 1inch intervals. Add another handful of straw as you get to the end of the first bundle, overlapping it with the first. Keep winding the twine around the straw. Continue doing this, gradually turning the straw/ twine into a circle about 12 inches across. Once you have a roungh circle, go round the entirety of it again, wrapping more twine, more tightly. You should end up with a straw ring base which can then be used to add greenery to.

December 12th - Bread and Starlight
Bread and Starlight is a production by the Lamps Collective (a local collective of Christian Artists) is a reflective telling the story of Elizabeth, Mary's cousin. We plan to purchase a link to a video which we can either show in church (if restrictions allow) or give to people to watch in their own homes in the run-up to Christmas.


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