Welcome to 'Church at home'

YouTube channel

Currently, due to the COVID-19 crisis we are not runing our church services as usual. We are streaming our services via our YouTube channel at 10am on a Sunday morning.  If you would like to join us, please do tune in - if you say hi in the chat section, we will know you are there! After the service we are trying to have our 'coffee time' via ZOOM. Sometimes this goes wrong, but if you'd like to try, the ID is 386-649-8907 (after the YouTube service finishes).

From August 2nd we will be starting our evening services at 6pm on Sundays. Please see our services page for further information.

We also are offering a number of other meetings via Zoom - please see the church calendar for more information.

If you have already been accessing our live-streamed services, or simply looking at our website, welcome! Perhaps you find church on line easier to try out than a physical building, perhaps these extraordinary times have triggered something spiritually inside you, perhaps you would appreciate linking with a Christian community. If, for whatever reason, you would appreciate some human contact with our church, or have a question, then please email us at info@allsaintsmarcham.org and we will respond to you.

Below are our latest streamed services. More can be found on our YouTube channel.




Parish Administrator, 21/04/2020