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Currently, due to the COVID-19 crisis we are not running our church services as usual. We are running in-person services for limited numbers of people in both the morning and the evening. Morning services need to be pre-booked via the separate tab. Evening services do not require booking. We are also live streaming our morning services via our YouTube channel at 10am on a Sunday morning.  If you would like to join us, please do tune in - if you say hi in the chat section, we will know you are there!

After the service you can join us for a coffee or tea over Zoom. Use the ID 81708624816 from 11.15am to 12.15pm.

We also are offering a number of other meetings via Zoom - please see the church calendar for more information.

If you have already been accessing our live-streamed services, or simply looking at our website, welcome! Perhaps you find church on line easier to try out than a physical building, perhaps these extraordinary times have triggered something spiritually inside you, perhaps you would appreciate linking with a Christian community. If, for whatever reason, you would appreciate some human contact with our church, or have a question, then please email us at info@allsaintsmarcham.org and we will respond to you.

Our live-streamed services are saved on our  YouTube channel.




Parish Administrator, 21/04/2020