Garford pictureSt. Luke's, Garford


As well as the main parish church of All Saints' we also have a chapel of ease in our parish. This is St. Luke's Church in Garford. Garford village is an historic, rural community of about 70 houses and 200 residents, consisting of a mixture of farm workers, professionals & commuters, retired people, young families with a number of children.  The focal parts of Garford are the village hall and church, as well as the lovely countryside which surrounds the village.

This small but community values their little church where there are services at key points of the church calendar. The Christmas carol service is very popular and the Remembrance Sunday service is also well-attended. Throughout the year the small but loyal and enthusiastic congregation helps to maintain the churchyard. The church is currently supported financially at a minimum maintenance level by donations from villagers.

Information on St. Luke's Services can be found in the main church calendar.


Parish Administrator, 20/01/2020