Weddings at All Saints' & St. Luke's              

There are two churches in our parish, All Saints’ Marcham and St. Luke’s Garford. Although St. Luke’s is charming, it is small and only accessible by foot, so almost all weddings in the parish take place in Marcham.


In October 2008 the rules governing who is allowed to be married in church changed, and you no longer have to be resident in the parish or on the Church Electoral Roll. Any couple can be married here if one of them was baptised, confirmed or lived or worshipped here for at least six months at any time in the past; or one of their parents lived or worshipped here for at least six months any time since they were born; or one of their parents or grandparents was married here.  We will need to know if either the bride or groom has been married before, and if that is the case we will need to see the decree absolute. More information can be found on the Church of England Wedding Site. We do encourage you to visit this site as it not only has legal information, but also lots of useful information for getting married in church.

If you wish to get married in All Saints', please contact the church office to arrange a preliminary meeting with the vicar, Richard. This initial meeting allows him to meet you and to check that you are allowed to get married in the parish. It will also be a chance to book the date of your wedding. After this intial meeting, your main contact will be our weddings co-ordinator, Mrs. Jane Jack.

Jane will be in touch with you well in advance of your wedding day to meet up to help you both to prepare for your marriage.  We will endeavour to do all we can to assist you both for this important occasion.  We will provide a comprehensive booklet about marriage in the Anglican church, and other practical information you may need.  

Health & Safety Notice - we have bees in our church roof, which most of the year are no problem but between mid-May and mid-July they can swarm. When this happens we cannot safely use the church so we have a policy of not booking any weddings during the swarming season as it is not possible to move the wedding to another location once banns have been read.

Wedding Preparation

As part of your marriage preparation we request all couples attend a marriage preparation day which we organise with other local churches and hold at All Saints ' in Feb / March.

Banns of Marriage

These are normally read at the 10 a.m. service in All Saints’ on three Sundays, usually consecutive, finishing a few weeks before the wedding.  It is good if couples can be present for the reading of their Banns and we are happy to arrange dates so that this is possible.  If either or both of you live in other parishes your Banns will need to be read there: you will have to contact the Vicar and a small fee will be payable to that parish.  They do not have to be read on the same Sundays as they are here. If you are getting married elsewhere but want your banns of marriage read in All Saints', there is a charge for the reading and the certificate that you will need to give to the parish in which you are getting married. 

Hymns and music

Please discuss with Richard and Jane in good time so that we can arrange the organist. 


The bell ringers can usually be booked to ring after the service - please speak to Jane.  


We have an experienced team of flower arrangers at All Saints’ Marcham.  Please contact Jenny Allan (01865-391373) who will be happy to advise you about flowers for the church.  The church flower arrangers will be happy to decorate the church for your wedding, subject to their commitments and availability.  They cannot provide bouquets or buttonholes, but we can recommend a local florist, Jane Belcher, who would be able to provide these. (Jane Belcher can be contacted on 01865-391799).  You are of course welcome to make your own plans, but whatever you decide you will need to talk to us and meet us in the church.  

The following options are available:

1.    Normal Sunday flowers:  every weekend we have three or four arrangements in the church – these are not colour co-ordinated, but there is no charge to you.
2.    Co-ordinated arrangements (minimum of four) to a colour scheme of your choice – this will between £60 and £100 including flowers.
3.    Option 2 plus extras– you will have to consult Jenny about what can be offered and about the costs – a large pedestal, for example, might be £50.  This option might cost anything between £60 and £150, and is still significantly less than professionals will charge.
4.    Outside florists or arrangers – there is no church charge for this, but we do ask you to consult us about your plans at every stage, and to leave behind a minimum of two arrangements in the church for Sunday.

Our flower arrangers do not charge for their work: any profit made goes into a church flower fund. Please telephone Jenny as soon as possible to discuss your plans, and for further information.  Payment must be made to them well in advance of the wedding so that they can order and buy the necessary flowers.


The Wedding rehearsal  

This is usually arranged at a time to suit everybody during the week before the wedding.

The Wedding Day 

Ushers can be a great help to the smooth running of the wedding service.  Although we will be there to unlock, set up the sound system and generally be on hand, we suggest that you ask ushers to arrive at the church at least 45 minutes before the service.  They can then give out orders of service and guide guests to their seats.  

Photographs and Videos  

We are happy to co-operate with professional photographers for the pictures you require – please limit flash photography to before and after the ceremony other than during the signing of the registers.  You will need to obtain permission from the P.C.C. for a video to be made, and this incurs an extra charge.

Audio-visual requirements

If you wish to have a powerpoint or DVD or music played please speak to us as soon as you can so that we can see if a member of our audio-visual team can help out. There may be a small separate charge for this.

Car parking

We have no formal car-parking, and so we do ask you to advise your guests to park with care, and not to obstruct gateways.  Please keep confetti throwing confined to the road end of the church path!

Fees (2019 - these do change each year)

Some fees are set by the Church of England and must be paid. Others are set by the PCC and are only payable of they apply to you. 

Please read through the following information carefully and decide what it is you require. Once you have decided, please let Jane Jack know as soon as possible. We would be grateful if you could ensure that full payment is made by the time of your second meeting with Richard and Jane. 

Statutory Fees
(Cheques made payable to Marcham with Garford PCC or also payable by BACS - contact us)
Publication of Banns of marriage (If you are getting married in All Saints')   £30
Wedding service    £455
Wedding Certificate (issued at time of wedding)    £4
Wedding certificate (issued after wedding) £10
Church Fees (as required)
Organist    £75
Bellringers (Cheque made payable to Marcham Bellringers)    £90
Heating (essential in winter)    £50
Video Cover charge     £40


We hope that this information is helpful. If you have any queries about anything at any stage we will be glad to help. Please contact the church office or the wedding co-ordinator directly if you need more information.